ToDoList 6 &7 - UI comparison

General look

ToDoList 6

Starting TDL 6 gives very nice look:

TDL 6 - basic look

Basiccally I focus on task name but all other info is clearly visible "right next" to it.
All data seems connected thanks to row selection:

TDL 6 - selected row

ToDoList 7

Starting TDL 7 shows:

TDL 7 - basic look

Now I need to look on two different areas to get the same amount of information:

TDL 7 - selected row

Even if the spacing is not very big…

TDL 7 - data disconnection

… it makes a distraction and data feels unconnected. I feel the urge to look left/right to be sure that all is OK.

Nodes navigation

ToDoList 6

When I was navigating through sub-nodes it was still easy to see required data even if columns widths changed:

TDL 6 - columns widths change on expand

ToDoList 7

With tasks split into two panes, some information gets hidden due to sub-nodes navigation:

TDL 7 - columns widths change on expand

Columns widths change to compensate amount of information which not only hides parts of data but also creates horizontal scrolbar which needs to be constantly moved left/right to see what I want.


The best: give an option to use either two panes or old TreeListView.

Alternative: resize left pane automativally and ty to fit as much info as possible without. Right panel should always try to show whole information, left – should try as much as possible without scrolling.